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公司具备年产 100 吨MIM制品的生产能力,公司开发的产品达到或超过行业内同类产品的性能指标。公司可应客户需求定制、生产各种小型、复杂的铁基、合金钢、不锈钢零部件;特别是在制造复杂异型结构件和不锈钢高档抛光件上有着扎实的技术基础和丰富的生产管理经验。成熟的MIM技术能够克服其它工艺在复杂金属零件加工上难以逾越的障碍,给设计者们任意驰骋想象的设计空间,实现更高境界的价值创新。



Xiamen Haozepeng Precision Technology CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and service of metal powder injection molding (MIM).The company has more than 2,000 square meters of production workshops, more than 50 production teams, with design-opening mold-ingredient-sintering-machining-grinding and polishing-assembling a complete production system. The company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification in 2017 and the Xiamen High-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2018. Our company can produce a variety of three-dimensional complex structural parts, functional parts and appearance parts according to the needs of different customers. Products are widely used in 3C industry, lock industry, watch and jewelry industry, medical equipment industry, household appliances industry, automotive industry, communication products industry, etc. We are based on the talent team of the graduated powder materials department, and the rigorous and standardized control process is Customers in all industries provide quality products.

Our efficiency: quotation within 24 hours, 10-15 days of mold cycle, 5 days proofing cycle, 7 days of large cargo cycle.

Our technical team: The research and development team headed by Dr. Xu from Central Fuzhou University has maintained a product development success rate of more than 98% for two consecutive years. The company develops more than 200 new products every year, which is higher than 15% of its peers and has obtained more than 10 patent certificates. item.

Our services: Our company has a complete production line of mold manufacturing, batching, sintering, CNC machining, polishing, assembly, etc.; customer service reports the production progress to customers every 3 days.

Our quality: 100% of the products have established a complete set of process data, to ensure the quality and stability of different batches, the average yield rate is controlled above 98%.

We will give back to our customers with long-term support and trust with higher quality and better service. We sincerely invite new and old friends from all walks of life to visit, deepen understanding and sincere cooperation!